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Hymn 12

Borders, Boundaries, Walls and Fences

Borders, bound'ries, walls and fences
One by one they'll disappear
All our so-called differences
These are things we do not fear

Don't talk about honor, don't talk about pride
Don't start waving flags, we won't pick a side
Don't threaten with spirits below or above
We're protected by science, protected by love

The world is our family, we're not afraid! (x4)

Don't talk about treason, the word is a lie
We're not "them and us", we're just "you and I"
In loving the world we're not leaving you
We hold out our hands, we want you to come too

The world is our family, we're not afraid! (x4)

Walls and fences, differences, we are not afraid!

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