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Hymn 8

All the Seven Deadly Sins

All the Seven Deadly Sins come to visit now and then
Really don't want them to stay, but a short little chat is okay.

WRATH's the one I fear the most. Angry even over toast.
Spewing out contempt all day. How I wish it would just go away.

GLUTTONY is kind of sweet if it has enough to eat
Had nine donuts on a plate. I took one, turned my head, it took eight.

ENVY has no beef with me. Stuff I have is almost free
But with those with wealth galore, it obsesses to have even more.

PRIDE comes singing to us all: "Mirror, mirror on the wall."
Not content that this will do, we're requested to all sing it too.

GREED is always worth a laugh. Once I cut an orange in half.
"Greed, there's one for me and you." Greed replied: "Why take one when there's two?"

SLOTH just sits there on its butt. Half the time it won't show up.
Tried to fill it with delight. It just sat there and grumbled "Yea, right".

LUST is in a diff'rent league. I have always been intrigued.
But unfortunately, Lust has not been intrigued with me.

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