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So that others can learn how these sometimes tricky and unconventional peace songs are supposed to sound, a commission is being offered to those brave choirs willing to figure it out and upload their performances to YouTube.  Please choose from the following:

Candelescence - Choral Songs: $500 max. ($60 for each of the following songs, plus an extra $80 if all 7 are recorded:

"Brick after Brick"

"Peace Machine"

"Animals of the Planet Earth"

"Peace to You from Language Number Two"

"Jeeno Casino"

"We are the Fountains"

"Come Sing With Us"

Choral Dialectics: $640 max. ($160 for each of the Choral Dialectics; there are currently 4 of them)

Secular Hymnal - Choral Performance: $500 max. ($50 per separately-uploaded SATB song. Songs with only one verse should be sung twice, as if having 2 verses. Limit to your 10 favorite songs.)

Secular Hymnal - Solo Singer with Guitar: $500 max. ($50 per separately-uploaded video of solo vocal/guitar performance. Songs with only one verse should be sung twice, as if having 2 verses.  Any key.  Limit to your 10 favorite songs.)

These offers will lapse in time. Please check with us beforehand ( to make sure the offers are still open. All music scores are free to download. We may ask for a sample of your work before agreeing to commission you. We are asking for clarity, diversity, and pleasantness in all recordings. Groups singing SATB songs must have a minimum of 2 voices per part (octet) - preferably more for fullness.  Payment by PayPal transfer.  Thanks for your interest in these works and for your commitment to non-nationalistic, secular choral literature.

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